Patient testimonial

I am a keen runner but have had a number if problems with injuries, mainly manifesting in my knee and hip. I have visited a number of health professionals over the past 2 years, but the most significant improvement to my symptoms has been made after visiting Vanessa at Phoenix Podiatry. She ordered me some custom orthotics for my running shoes and since then my aches and pains have disappeared.

Thank you

Lenny Sayers

Patient testimonial

I would like to thank you for the outstanding treatment I have received from you over the past eighteen months.

I came to you for help in June 2014 over a longstanding problem with an ingrown toe nail (almost fifty years!) which had become extremely painful. You dealt with it immediately and with great care; although I experienced some minor discomfort the offending spike was removed from the edge of the nail carefully and has not returned.

The follow up appointments have ensured my feet are in top condition and there are no signs of further issues, in  fact you recently commented that my toe nails almost looked normal!

Again many thanks,

Phillip Ward

Patient testimonial 

I have used Vanessa for almost a year now and can honestly say that she provides an excellent service. 

She is a professional with a reassuring manner, who displays a cheery nature and ready smile. 

The best part is, that I have been pain free since finding Vanessa. 

My feet are in safe hands.   

Paul Duggan